The Adirondacks are a great place to spend a few days. If you have a long weekend coming up and you’d like to experience something unforgettable, consider planning a trip to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. No matter how much you’re willing to spend, planning a weekend getaway in the Adirondacks is possible! You can choose from a wide range of outdoor activities any time of year. Each season brings its own unique adventures. There are dining experiences that you don’t want to miss, and you can find lodging for absolutely any budget and taste.


The Adirondacks are accessible by car, so you can head off for your adventure any time you like. Or, if you’re traveling light and don’t want to fool with driving, take a train or bus up to Lake Placid for the weekend. Once there, get around on foot, or rent a car for your weekend getaway.

Outdoor Activities

Winter is beautiful in the Adirondacks, so you’ll definitely want to get out in the fluffy white stuff! You may get lucky to find overnight accommodations that provide ski and snowshoe equipment. If not, you can rent what you need practically anywhere there’s snow! In the summer, you can enjoy a scenic drive with the top down or do some rafting with one of the area’s guided tour services. Any time of year, a hike through the Adirondacks can reveal some rarely seen views and animal life for those who are patient enough!

Indoor Activities

If outdoorsy isn’t your thing, visit the shops, breweries, museums, and art galleries all over the Adirondacks. With 42 different entrances to Adirondack Park, you can access it from any of the nearby towns, including Saranac Lake, Colton, Lake Placid, and many more. You can spend days cuddled up inside your hotel or cottage with a fire blazing or relaxing with a good book.


When it comes to a place to stay, it really depends on why you’re visiting the Adirondacks in the first place. There are plenty of swanky hotels offering spa services, cocktail hours, and five-star restaurants if luxury and relaxation is your goal. Those who visit for the outdoor experience can choose inexpensive options like the National Sports Academy, which offers dorm-style rooms that are used by professional athletes when they are in Lake Placid for training, or these sports enthusiasts can opt for choose a luxury lodge that provides ski packages for now and spa services for later! Whiteface Lodge is one of many hotels in the Adirondacks where you can get a little of everything.


A weekend getaway in the Adirondacks won’t be complete without delicious dishes morning, noon, and night! There are sandwich shops, fine dining opportunities, breakfast and brunch options everywhere you turn. Get your meal to go and head to the mountains for an unforgettable picnic with the family, or sit down in a romantic restaurant on a special occasion with your significant other.

To learn more, visit the Official Adirondacks Region Website.