The Adirondacks in New York offer some of the most diverse activities and regions of wildlife in the United States. With tons of trails to hike, roads that have scenic byways, and tons of places to eat, you will never find yourself without something to do out here. Whether you are here for three days or three weeks, you can always travel around by car, foot, or bike and find some new activity to take part in. Summers are an excellent time to visit the Adirondacks, and depending on which region you decide to visit, there will be plenty of options spanning from hiking and sight-seeing to whitewater rafting and diving.


Exactly what you would expect in a beautiful mountain range in New York, there are plenty of adventurous activities to take part in here. The first thing that should come to mind when thinking of mountains is hiking, and the Adirondacks has exactly that. With plenty of trails to choose from, you could take an easier short hike to a stunning view, or a longer hike with tons of sites to find along the way. Mountain lakes provide another option for adventure, with kayaking around and taking in all that nature has to offer. One of the more breathtaking things to do is to experience the Wild Walk, a trail that spans across the treetops at the Wild Center. The Adirondacks do not lack in options that keep you moving and ready to see the next breathtaking view.


Vacation doesn’t only have to consist of constant action and site seeing all around the place, but can actually be enjoyed by just sitting in one place, looking out at the view, and having a nice refreshing drink right by your side. The lakeshores provide the perfect spot to take a relaxing swim around or to have a nice picnic. The lakes also provide amazing fishing spots, so don’t forget to bring your poles and a nice, comfortable foldable chair. Or maybe you want to relax while you learn something new. The boat tours are a great way to do this, and are up and running all summer long on many of the different lakes in the area. Maybe you really need a deep relaxing experience, and the spa is the perfect place to make that happen as well. There are tons of options that require minimal effort and let you experience maximum relaxation.


Need something that really gets your heart pumping? Take a bike down the mountain and feel the rush of air on your face. Go canoeing on the lake and find someone who thinks they can beat you in a point to point race. Dive down to the sunken shipwrecks over in the Adirondack Seaway. Go whitewater rafting and get water splashed onto you from all directions. Find a high point on the trail and climb up to the top to get that stunning photo. Need an activity that doesn’t take some of the air out of your lungs? Stand-up paddleboarding is a great option to glide around on the lake. Setting up a tent and camping out at one of the many campsites is another way to spend the night, looking up at the stars, or seeing the moon shine glimmer on the calm lake water. With so many options to choose from, it makes you want to stay forever just so you can do everything there is to do.


Perhaps it decides to rain on the day you were planning an outdoor activity. No problem here. Visit an Adirondack museum and learn all about the wildlife and different species living in the region. With more than six million acres and twelve different regions each offering a different branch of adventure and experiences, every museum with offer something new to learn about and discover about the Adirondack region. As was mentioned before, if you want something to do that is relaxing but also offers some interesting new facts to listen to, then book a boat tour on one of the many lakes and see what that specific area has that others do not.

No Regrets

The Adirondacks are a place to remember, and the things that you can learn and discover are endless. Summertime is the time to vacation and relax, so taking a trip to the Adirondack regions can easily turn the time you spend there into precious memories that will last a lifetime. There is just so much to do and not enough time to do it all.

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