The Adirondacks are an amazing adventure no matter what time of year you go. Throughout every season, there are so many different activities to do. The winter brings snow into the equation, so be sure to have a jacket when you head on out for any outside activities during this time. Here are some of the insanely fun things to do in the Adirondacks during the winter season.

The mountain ranges in the Adirondacks provide some amazing slopes for snowboarding and skiing, and the slopes range from beginner to expert, so just about anyone can strap into a board or skis and head down the slopes that suit their level of experience. If you want something that goes on through the woods for a longer amount of time, then you may want to try out cross-country skiing. You can take your family or some friends and ski along through the winter snow covered trees.

The winter is the time that tons of different events happen, so check out a website that lists out all the different events happening for that year and time that you are heading out to the Adirondacks. There are also winter carnivals and festivals to have tons of fun at, so you should also check out when those are happening, as you won’t want to miss it if you will be there while one is going on.

More Winter Activities

Snowshoeing is another fun activity to do and is very easy to pick up, as you just strap on some snow shoes and grab poles if needed. But if you want to do an activity that doesn’t require you having snow shoes or a snowboard, then you can always head out and do some winter hiking. Just be sure to prepare before you go on out into the cold environment and always double check your equipment, as you will not want to get stuck on a trail without all of the tools you need.

Another super fun activity to do is to rent a snowmobile and ride it around on all of the different trails there on in the Adirondacks. You can choose whether or not you want to go on a tour, or just ride by yourself or with family or friends. You can also go ice skating on plenty of indoor and outdoor rinks all around the Adirondacks.

Maybe you want to go out and participate in an extreme activity. Luckily for you, the Adirondack Park has some amazing cliffsides to ice climb on. This is an activity that you will not want to do without some extensive knowledge on climbing, especially if you have never ice climbed before.

The Adirondacks have plenty of lodging and bars to go into and relax, but if you want to be outdoors a lot more than indoors, you can always go winter camping in the woods. Just be sure to look at the weather as it can get very cold in the night, especially in very wooded areas.

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