Sightseeing in the Adirondacks is a must do no matter what the reason is that you are visiting them. All of the different regions in the Adirondacks provide some amazing sightseeing locations, so you will want to do a little research to figure out which region you are wanting to go to as well as what kind of things you will want to look at. With twelve different regions with varying natural life and geographical sights to see, you will find something amazing and different in every single region you may visit.

The Adirondack coast is an amazing place to see the ocean from some great sightseeing points. Whether it is down right next to the sea or on a higher elevated position, the ocean looks absolutely gorgeous during the summer. If you are visiting during the summer, I highly recommend going to the coast region and seeing the ocean as well as some of the great natural waterfalls in that area.

The Saranac Lake is a less popular place to visit compared to Lake Placid, but that does not make it any less beautiful. In fact, for the prices that I paid to visit around in this area, this is by far the best deal for sightseeing in the Adirondacks. You get the amazing cliffs that look down out at the different little ponds and the lake that sit in the trees. The shops and hotels offer great prices and souvenirs. It is a very calm place to relax and hike around, and the hills are not as steep as other regions, so the difficulty to reach some of the higher points is not outrageous and should not be too hard for anyone that wants to see some amazing views.

Whiteface Mountain is right by Lake Placid, and is another place that I would highly recommend for some great sightseeing. The amounts of trails are great and some of them are very easy on the legs. The mountain itself is beautiful and the tall green trees and grasses that grow around it are an amazing sight to behold. You will definitely want to check this mountain out if you are in the region. You do not want to miss it, especially nearer to autumn when the trees get a hint of orange and yellow in them. The views of the other mountains in the Adirondack Mountains from Whiteface are stunning, and the sheer amount of land that you can see from the top of the mountain is incredible.

There are of course some lesser known trails on some of the smaller mountains in the area that are great to climb, and in certain cases, you can find a nice waterfall or a cliffside view off of one of the trails that is great for photos. All of the Adirondack regions offer some sort of great sightseeing, so there are plenty of other places that I did not mention that you may want to do some research on to see what you are really looking for.

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