Adirondacks is a perfect place to spend your vacation. It is the home to about 46 high peaks, and most of them are suitable for all levels of hikers. The mountain is approximately 260 km in diameter and 1600m high. All the mountain summits and peaks in Adirondacks have brilliant sights, and every hike is worth seeing the view from the top of the mountain.

 Mt autumn first snowfall of the season on the High Peaks in Adirondack

The following are some of the best day hikes in the Adirondack High Peaks:

Mount Colden:

You don’t have to hike to the summit to enjoy the view of Mount Colden; within the first few miles, you will be able to see many good spots. At the beginning of the hike, you will be able to stare up at the Colden and the Wright peaks. You then pass through the avalanche pass which is a highlight to rival canyons and gorges, and when you get to the peak, you enjoy a beautiful sight.

Santanoni Peak and Panther Peak:

The view from the Peak of Panther Mountains is just brilliant as you get to see the view of clouds clustered together. The total distance of the hike is about 15.5 miles and though the trek is not as long as the other hikes in Adirondack the path is quite rugged and rocky.

Dix Mountain:

Most of the trails in the Dix range are unmarked, and you need to make sure that you bring a map which would show all the herd paths and guide you to the peak. Also try to arrive early at the starting spot because if the parking lot gets full, then you need to park your car near a Clear pond which adds another 3.5 miles to your hike. Once you reach the Peak of Dix Mountain, you will be able to see Elk Lake and while returning, take the Beckhorn to Elk lake trail.

Mount Haystack, Basin Mountain, and Saddleback Mountain:

The hike in these mountains is about 17.5 miles, and they are often known as the HaBaSa or the great upper range, and since you need to hike over three mountains, there will be a lot of climbing. In the beginning, you need to climb through Johns Brook Valley to Mount Haystack, and as you go towards the north, you will pass over Basin before reaching the summit of Saddleback. These peaks are said to be very difficult to hike, and it is advisable for you to have a professional hiker to guide you.

Big Slide Mountain:

The trail route of Big Slide Mountain Hike climbs a series of three smaller summits, and they are known as the Brothers. You get a continuous view, and it gets better as you start to elevate. As you reach the peak, you have a spectacular sight, and the route finishes at the valley that flanks the northern side of the Great Range.